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Who We Are

Philosophy of Ministry

We believe that we live in a world that's falling away from God rapidly. We live in a society where passive, relativistic spiritualism is becoming the norm.

In the Bible, Jesus clearly demonstrated that as the church, it is our responsibility to reach out to those who don't know Christ through the love of God, and disciple them to maturity until Christ's return.

We believe God has called us to grow His Kingdom in these ways:

Preaching the Word of God

  • We believe in the power of the Word of God, of every part of the Bible. We are committed to solid Bible teaching in all of our services.
  • We also believe in reading the Bible regularly: corporately during Sunday service, individually in our own private study time, and in small groups together.


  • We believe that in order to have strong disciples, we need a strong mentoring and accountability structure built into our church. One that is authentic and accepting, yet also able to rebuke, challenge, and encourage others in their walk with Christ, and in their understanding of the Word of God.

Strong CE (Christian Education)

  • We believe that accurate theology and precise teaching of the Bible are important in building up a church of strong disciples.


  • We believe that as a church we should welcome everyone as they are, welcome those deep in sin, and love them. But we're also called to witness, teach, correct, rebuke in love, and raise up.
  • We believe in reaching out to people in our community through the love of Christ and the Word of God. We believe that Kingdom growth is more important than how many people we have in our Sunday service.

Spiritual Gifts

  • We believe that faith without deeds is dead (James 2:17). We're all called to do our part as members of one body in Christ. This means all of us using our spiritual gifts, which can sometimes be here indefinitely or here only for a time as there is need.

So how are we going to get there? We believe that we are called to discern and follow God each day, each moment, and be open to any change he may have for us to make.