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Who We Are

Senior Pastor Rev. J. Gryphon Shafer

Shafer Family

Our senior pastor, Gryphon, became a Christian while in college in 1995 after years of being an atheist and after failing to successfully prove God didn't exist. After accepting Christ, he joined a local church and got involved in their Bible quizzing program. Gryphon eventually became a leader in the regional quizzing program and stayed active for about 11 years. He and his wife moved north to Edmonds from Seattle, and we started attending Edmonds Church of God. Gryphon fell in love with the church, the congregation, and the overall philosophy of the Church of God, Anderson. It was there, while under mentorship of Grant Fall and Ralph Dockter, Gryphon felt called to enter the ministry.

Gryphon is an ordained pastor with the Church of God, Anderson. Gryphon's wife Sharalyn is a Registered Nurse. Together they own and operate a book publishing company and a movie theater.

Gryphon and Sharalyn have a son Alexander (or "Xander") and daughter Evangeline (or "Evie").